About Christine Peace

(As written by Kay Kressler) 

 Writer, photographer, passionate change agent.


Christine Peace loves to capture small moments and creatures, most often overlooked by the common passerby. More recently Christine's desire to capture the essence of peoples passions, the fire in their eyes has started a fire within herself.



Christine Peace’s writing most often takes the form of poetry. Wherein, in the midst of a simple task a line will overtake her thoughts until she lets the words flow and another poem is born. Her writing centers and focuses on emotions deep within the soul; the kind of emotions that shake us, and some days even break us.

 In addition to her creative work, Christine works in the drug and alcohol field helping those struggling with addiction to find recovery. She is currently in her 2nd year of studies where her academic work is tailored on better understanding the human condition, behavior, and helping others to find a path to recovery and wellness.

Occasionally Christine steps to the other side of the lens, please click any of the pictures below to see their amazing photographers. 

In the Media 

February, 2019

Lancaster News Paper Presents:


"In the Spotlight: Photographer Christine Peace Hall focuses on helping those in addiction recovery"

March, 2019

Fox43 with Lynda Weed presents:

"There is a new place to get in touch with your "primal" side in Lancaster County....

Stumpy's Hatchet House opened in earlier this year and is a BYOB destination located in Manheim Township. "

Also get in touch with your primal side by checking out SCREAM portraits shot by Christine Peace. Check it out in the news segment below:

Christine Peace as photographed by Michelle Johnson, an amazing Lancaster photographer.
Christne Peace helping local photographer of Monster's and Lace.